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We are in the early stages of a rezoning application for 641 Latoria Road. If you would like to help shape this proposal and bring more family-oriented housing options to Colwood, please share your feedback with us.

About 641 Latoria

Family-oriented homes for a growing Colwood community


A vision for compact and efficient family-oriented housing

641 Latoria Road is envisioned to see the establishment of compact, diversified, and efficient family-oriented housing forms for the growing and centrally located Colwood neighbourhood.

Our proposal calls for 29 new family-oriented townhomes, which would include 3 and 4-bedroom plans that can serve a range of needs, with flexible layouts and thoughtfully designed interior and exterior living spaces.

Offering a central location, well-adapted for alternate transportation options, the site fronts onto a future protected bike lane and the 59/60 BC Transit bus route, and is minutes to groceries, parks and services in a rapidly-growing neighbourhood.

Spacious, yet efficient 3 and 4-bedroom homes are envisioned to meet the real needs of growing families with roughly 1,800sf of living area over 3 storeys.

This proposal closely aligns with the vision of the Colwood Official Community Plan (OCP) and responds to the needs of the growing Latoria and Olympic View neighbourhoods.


641 Latoria Highlights



Family-oriented townhomes for growing area of Colwood



Provide energy-efficient living spaces maximized by the shared use of walls and roof


3 & 4

A range of flexible, family-sized plans to suit diverse needs and lifestyles



Garage and/or surface parking spaces for every townhome, plus 4 onsite shared visitor spaces, totalling 2.17 spaces per home



Shared and visitor bike parking spaces onsite



Total site area including homes and common areas



Floor area ratio, providing modest density that responds to the surrounding neighbourhood village


Step 3

Built to Step Code 3 building standards, 20% more efficient than municipal building code



Coverage for five separate townhome buildings



Open greenspace for residents, made up of 21.5% undisturbed and 29.3% resident landscaped area


A well-considered approach to density

We believe confidently that townhomes represent the future of family housing. As a more energy and cost-efficient housing form that is more attainable than the single-family home, townhomes provide highly functional living spaces where families can grow and thrive.

Townhomes also play a major role in mitigating the growing issue of urban sprawl by creating more housing within a given land area and helping reduce the need to build out into otherwise undeveloped areas.

In the City of Colwood, the population is expected to increase by roughly 6000 residents or 30% by 2038, and employment opportunities in the region are expected to grow by more than 83% over the the same period.

Based on municipal requirements, 2.5X more land would be required to build a traditional single family home over a townhome in Colwood. If you compounded that difference in land over 100 homes, it would be roughly 17 acres in area!

641 Latoria


Enhancing character and creating connection with natural spaces

When done well, we believe a townhome site design should not only reflect the area’s natural surroundings, it should be also effective in promoting human connection with nature. 

The design for Latoria maintains generous greenspace at 50.7%, roughly half an acre in total.

A dedicated naturalized greenspace on the west side of the property will provide a place for residents and the public to connect with nature. Working with a biologist, we are proposing an environmental covenant for this portion of the property so it can be preserved for future use and enjoyment.

Careful consideration has been given to tree retention and replacement in the site design. Once complete, the site will include 50 retained onsite and offsite trees. Removed bylaw-protected onsite trees will be replaced onsite at a 2-to-1 replacement ratio.

In addition to our commitment to onsite tree replacement, all removed onsite trees will be replaced at a 10-to-1 ratio through a partnership with Tree Canada. Trees will be replanted in British Columbia through a variety of urban and rural reforestation projects.

Six separate townhome buildings cover 27.6% of the site. 

Total site greenspace is 50.7%, this is made up of 21.5% undisturbed and 29.3% resident landscaped area.

641 Latoria Road Site Plan


1. Protected common natural greenspace (covenant)
2. Property entrance & driveway
3. Pedestrian walkway to Latoria Road
4. Future protected bike lane
5. 2.8m wide land contribution to the City of Colwood
6. Building A (4 homes)
7. Building B (4 homes)
8. Building C (5 homes)
9. Building D (4 homes)
10. Building E (6 homes)
11. Building F (6 homes)


Managing transportation demand for a range of users

Good transportation demand management considers the immediate and long-term needs of users around a site and a neighbourhood. 

One of the most effective methods for managing traffic demand is creating more efficiency by building denser housing forms in bikeable, walkable and transit-oriented areas.

This proposal establishes new homes directly on a future protected bike lane and rapid transit route, and close to amenities and services, reducing the reliance on driving and providing more sustainable transportation choices.

Double parking is being proposed for most townhomes, plus 4 visitor spaces, for a total of 63 parking spaces, totalling 2.17 spaces per home.

Located along a future protected bike lane connecting to Veteran’s Memorial, Wishart Road and Metchosin Roads.

Cyclist-friendly features include visitor and homeowner bike storage.

A central location in the growing Latoria neighbourhood, close to parks, schools and amenities.

On a transit corridor for the BC Transit 59/60 bus route, designated as a future frequent bus route with a new transit exchange envisioned less than 100m away.


A more cost-effective alternative to the conventional single-family home

Housing attainability is a growing concern and increasingly, the idea of owning a single-family home is looking out of reach for young families. We believe townhomes can bridge this gap for many by creating more efficient living spaces that can rival the comfort and functionality of a single-family home at a fraction of the cost. 

The average price for a new single-family home price in the City of Colwood is  $1,450,0001. Compared to the average new townhome price, this is a difference of roughly $440,000 – representing a major gap in affordability for most families.  

A $440,000 increase in purchase price represents a difference in household income of $72,000 annually and an additional monthly mortgage payment of roughly $1,800,  or 44% more for a single-family home than a townhome. 

Many of the costs of maintaining a townhome are also less compared to a single-family home, such as heating. When comparing the costs associated with heating a single-family home and a townhome using the same direct vent heat source, the energy savings2 was roughly 21%. 

1. Represents MLS stats for the Greater Victoria region for the month of June 2022.
2. Costs compared on a per square foot basis for a townhome and single-family home. Costs supplied by Fortis.


Building for sustainably-minded living

The impacts of climate change are well-evidenced across the world including in BC. We believe it’s time for our communities to get serious about how we can all be doing our part, the collective actions of organizations and individuals can add up.

Housing can play an important role in reducing emissions and promoting more sustainable choices. From factors like the walkability and cyclability of where a development is located and proximity to amenities and services to sustainable home features that can help promote a reduction in our reliance on fossil fuels.

This proposal incorporates several sustainably minded design and site considerations.

Built to BC Energy Step Code 3, 20% more energy efficient than the current municipal building standard.

Homes are pre-wired for solar and garages are EV-ready.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) reduces energy needs by retaining heat in the air.

High efficiency plumbing and lighting fixtures will be used throughout.

The project uses environmentally conscious building options like sustainably-sourced lumber and Co2-reducing concrete during the construction process.

Onsite bike parking and storage encourages active modes of transportation.

A considerate site design incorporates more than 150 trees, supplying shade and supporting a reduction in Co2 emissions.


We value your opinion on the new homes being proposed for 641 Latoria Road.

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